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The Central Fire Authority of Sonoma County is a Joint Powers Agreement between Rincon Valley and Windsor Fire Protection Districts. Both Fire Districts are independent special districts governed by an elected board of directors. Both Districts provides fire and emergency services within their respective Districts boundaries and to surrounding areas as contracted. The Districts lies approximately 60 miles to the north of the city of San Francisco and adjacent to the city of Santa Rosa.

The service area is approximately 150 square miles. The population serviced is approximately 60,000. The Districts are comprised of medium industrial, commercial, rural residential, suburban residential, urban interface, agricultural, and a county airport. Two major thoroughfares, U.S. Freeway 101 and State Highway 12, run through the districts. Neighboring communities include Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Kenwood and Windsor.

The districts consists of 6 fire stations, 4 of which are staffed 24 hours a day and the remaining 2 stations are staffed by volunteers. Service is also provided by a 24 hour facility within the City of Santa Rosa which responds to District and City emergencies. The Districts operates 32 pieces of equipment including staff and utility vehicles.

The Districts staff includes 35 full time employees, 28 suppression personnel, 3 Chief Officers, and 3 administrative assistant. There are also 40 to 50 volunteer and part time firefighting personnel.

There is an annual estimated call volume of 5400 calls. Approximately two-thirds of the call volume is medically related. Districts medical aid is limited to first responder, AED, and EMT level. ALS and transport is conducted by private providers.

In addition to emergency services, the Districts provides education and training to the community and actively conducts and participates in Fire Prevention and Public Education programs.

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